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When you choose our center for your family, you're choosing continuity of care with smart providers who think big. Whether you're coming to see us for a minor emergency, your annual wellness exam, or chronic disease management, you'll receive the same excellent attention to detail that our center is known for.

Minor Emergencies

At Clínica Hispana Marbach we have a prompt attention system for those situations or circumstances that must be attended to and resolved immediately. These types of events can represent a dangerous threat with potential consequences if they are not attended to as soon as possible.

Wound Sutures

The use of a certain suture material or a type of needle can determine differences in the surgical result. Your choice must be based on scientific criteria, and nuanced by the good practice in which our Clinic specializes.

Blood Pressure Control

Hypertension can affect the functioning of some organs such as the heart, lungs, brain and kidneys, which is why its control and treatment are so important.

Diabetes Management

Diabetes occurs when the body lacks the hormone insulin or when insulin is unable to work effectively to move blood sugar into the body's cells.

Physical Exams

School physicals are required for many children in Texas. Our clinic offers comprehensive and affordable physicals needed for elementary school, sports, college, and other programs.

Cholesterol and Triglyceride Control

Cholesterol is a fatty substance necessary for multiple functions, such as the formation of membranes and the production of certain hormones and part of the bile salts. For this reason, its presence in the body is normal and expected. What is not normal or expected is that the concentrations in blood levels are higher than recommended.

Family Planning

Family control or planning may have the objective of generating descendants or not and, where appropriate, deciding on the number of children, the moment and the social, economic and personal circumstances in which they are desired.

Laboratory Exams

Basic tests or laboratory routines serve to detect the function of the organs. This group of tests is described as panels or profiles, depending on the organ selected for monitoring, for example: renal profile, liver profile, lipid profile, thyroid profile, etc.

Sexual Dysfunctions

Dysfunction is the stage of the sexual act (which includes desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution) that prevents the individual or couple from enjoying sexual activity. Sexual dysfunctions may manifest early in a person's sexual life or may develop later.

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